The Vine Yard CrossFit
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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

Prepare & Execute

Hello everyone,

We hope you all enjoy our site. It is simple and minimal for now but there will be more to come in the next few months with the construction of our building for The Vine Yard CrossFit affiliate.

We wanted to share our other site,, where we have built a platform to help others and share what we have learned over the years. The options we offer for programming are: 1) Open 2018 programming, 2) Margaux 2017 programming, 3) Private coaching.

For those interested in improving their Open scores for next year, the Open 2018 program would be for you. For those competitive athletes looking to train with more volume, the Margaux 2017 program would be for you. 

You can check out the membership levels here: memberships.

We appreciate all the support from the community and look forward to what the future will bring!



Margaux Alvarez