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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.


What needs be done next year. 

200# lb snatch 

300# BackSquat 

22 min 5k run 

8 min 500m swim 

Tough Mudder X Win 

245 Power Clean 

265 Clean and Jerk 

215 Bench Press 

30 HS Push Ups Unbroken 

240 ft hs Walk in sub 2 minutes

This does not mean I will not continue to work on my anaerobic base at all, but to win the Games in 2018 I will need some serious work in the CPK Pathway. 

You can follow along on the Margaux 2018 here

See You IN MADISON 2018 

Margaux Alvarez