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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

The Status..... Dogma

A concoction of infested bile obtained from an infected patient is raised in the air. The glass the bile resides in releases an unpleasant aroma as it nears its trajectory. The aroma, who is litigating for rational judgment, fails to change its course and the glass reaches its target. Once dumped into the oral cavity it quickly breaches the esophagus and shoots straight to the stomach.

Reading more like a story plot from G.O.T, Barry Marshall an Australian Physician felt he had no choice as he brought a fight to a billion dollar dynasty.  After many failed attempts for funding, after constant criticism for premature and unfounded research from peers, Barry Marshall reached a point of insanity. I'd call it passion, while others called him insane, in his mind in that time, he called it desperation.

 In 1984 Barry Marshall showed the world how determined he was to fight what he felt was the egregious treatment of ulcers! In those times ulcers were typically treated surgically or masked with antacids, and the blame was often placed on the patients. Ego's and billion dollar pharmaceutical companies set the marker and smoking and stress were the cause. Surgical procedures, where a large portion of the stomach cut out, was the solution in most cases, and death rates due to ulcers were high a couple decades ago.

5 days after the ingestion of his toxic concoction Dr. Marshall's breath became foul, he began vomiting and the follow-up endoscopy showed severe active gastritis. The endoscopy prior to his ingestion of the toxic bile did not, so in his mind he was right and he treated himself immediately. No surgical procedure was used, just a simple antibiotic cleaned his digestive track, clearly showing a different treatment, but the real fight was about to begin. 

It was what it was,
It is what it is, 
The way it was done, 
how we do things is what people expect, and he was about to understand you just don't find a cure and the medical community will accept it. Billion dollar companies have money to lose and while people were getting their stomachs dissected, while patients were dying, ethics took a back seat to financial and ego protection.

In 2005 Dr. Marshall was rewarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery that ultimately changed the treatment of ulcers. Twenty years he had to fight to change the minds of the unwilling, the zombies of thinking. 20 years after clearly showing a better treatment, after constant attacks to his character and intelligence he was now vindicated with an award. Twenty Years! 

This isn't the first time our medical history has shown incompetence and a conviction in protecting dogma. The status quo defensively reacts to any attempt at change, and while there should be a solid protection of current practices that can be shown objectively through literature and clinical practice, we should never cross that line by focusing on emotion or finances. The latter, however, is the norm and disease is a business. 

Coca cola has infiltrated our medical literature, statins are somehow king and nestle has convinced millions of health care providers they sell nutrition ( ISOSOURCE). Money is, of course, a major driving force while others are motivated by ego so insecure in being wrong, nothing will change their perception. We place all of our trust in our physicians and medicine because we are told they know best and we can not fathom this not to be true. 

The perception is misleading, we should be allowed to question their intentions and their understanding of the current state of health care. When it comes to Chronic Disease we are unequivocally mistreating it by placing a higher value on anything other than diet or exercise. Our politicians mostly old lawyers on both the right and left are mostly unaware of this so they fight to dump more money into a flawed system. The answer is not to enslave our future to tertiary care but instead free our GDP by placing more emphasis on prevention and action. Our children are the answer and we fail them miserably not protecting them from those targeting their innocence. Through commercials and campaigns, society exploits them all while pushing them away from physical exertion and into sugar addiction. 

As some of you know we are not only affiliate owners but also wine makers. As we try to get our wine into different states we are buried with mountains of regulations, and taxes because wine is alcohol and alcohol has been linked with cirrhosis and fetal abnormalities. This I respect as law and abide the law so we pay the fees and place the labels to educate and prevent as mandated. We preach moderation and health as a necessity for wine drinking but we ask that sugar is treated the same. Glycosylation due to chronic sugar abuse can be linked to 8 of the 10 leading causes of death (cirrhosis not in the top 10) and zero regulations exist for the poisoning of our children. 

The Vine Yard CrossFit will take a step in October to help create change. Coach set a goal recently, so rather than continuing this essay on emotion, we will present a solution. If you find your way to this page and know someone who is overweight or has chronic morbidities but is too intimidated to seek help send them to us via the internet. We will be offering a daily video on our youtube channel that will guide you through a workout that is intended to help spark a desire for more. All we need is 20 minutes a day for 45 days and it is all free of charge. I gave up a 6 figure salary knowing I was part of the problem so now I want to help be part of the solution. 

We will provide nutrition advice, more blogs, and hopefully some motivation, from some pretty amazing coaches. Stay tuned the harvest is ending, I believe Coach Glassman is our modern day Dr. Marshall so we will do what we can to help his message spread! 

Margaux Alvarez