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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

Is Success Over Rated

As Margaux lays on the floor breathing heavily in a pool of sweat, after a mischievous workout, her body expels carbon dioxide through her respiratory system in an effort to find homeostasis by neutralizing the bloodstream. Just 100ft away our vines are finding the carbon dioxide in the air useful. Stored water in the vines find a way to the chloroplasts and mix with the circulating carbon dioxide to begin photosynthesis. Oxygen is released into the air and sugar molecules are created and stored in the form of a grape.

It is an impressive partnership that has formed between the vines and The Vine Yard, both nurturing each other’s growth throughout the year. The time spent pruning the leaves, tilling the soil, ensuring adequate irrigation on the yearly, all pay off at the time of our harvest. The sweetness of the grape and the tannins formed in the skin yield an amazing juice that will bottle a bold wine we can sell for a small profit. Time and profits made from wine sales allow Margaux to focus on her training for the 2018 Season. This partnership is working as of now, but in the terms of successful wineries, the big nose winemakers would not consider our production successful and some might even scoff at the idea of The Vine Yard in Southern Utah. 

Success is the aggregate of intelligent planning and persistent hard work. Success itself, however, brings a subjective affirmation that can cripple an individual yearning only for the lustful approval others define it by. Success is often only seen in the finality of the script by the masses, so the approval many people seek is a part of an equation they might never enjoy. Success cannot reward these individuals if they are too proud to see the journey and the process as the real satisfaction. 

Doubt, fear, and panic are placed in our minds to equalize the nature of success otherwise no podium built could house all those participating. It is doubt fear and hard work that act as the antidote to those that think they want something from those who fight to attain something. 

We DOUBT we can harvest 30,000 pounds of grapes and transport it to Paso Robles, an 18-hour drive round trip broken up into 6 trips. We FEAR, the grapes will out produce our capability to pick them within the 4 weeks we are allotted to harvest. We FEAR and DOUBT our wine will not merit the standards of Napa and Paso Robles and people will laugh at our attempts to produce wine. The HARD WORK is evident as the sun pounds down on us, the vines attack us in displeasure of our actions and the rows upon rows of uncut grapes stare and laugh as we attempt to get through the 150-yards left. The cuts on the skin itch and muscles you have never used before aching in pain only to know you have so much left to do. This is the harvest, no time for excuses, and no one really cares what you are feeling because to succeed, all you can do is keep cutting. Keep it simple just keep cutting. 

The fear, doubt, and hard work are evident in the harvest as it is evident in the training leading up to the 2018 CrossFit Games. No one knows what Dave has in store this year as a qualifier. The competition is becoming more intense and the younger competitors are finding that passion to beat out the veterans. The plan, in theory, is simple, get stronger become more powerful more explosive all while improving the body’s ability to endure. This equates to a ton of skill work, strength work, speed work, accessory work, aerobic and anaerobic work and gymnastic work. Not one person is immune to this, outwork your competitors, or watch the game from the outside of the arena, as you tell yourself and everyone that will listen it was because….. 

 Success is usually not a reachable or definable target which makes this a real problem when placing too much value on it. Once you hit 4 plates on the bar you want 5, once you get to the Games you want to get there again, and once you sell 1000 cases of wine you want to produce and sell 2000. This is why giving more value to the process aids in calming these obsessions. I may never deadlift 600lbs, Margaux may never get back to the Games and our wine may never reach another vintage, but the satisfaction in knowing how hard you worked in pursuit of that goal, allows separation from obsession and allows realization for relaxation. 

Simply Stated 

Enjoy the Journey - Train Hard – Recover – Drink Wine - Repeat 

Margaux Alvarez