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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

Characteristics that you value...

What are some of the characteristics or qualities you want in your life? What do you value in yourself and others?

Here are characteristics that I embody:

Competition, wisdom, challenge, intelligence, beauty, productivity, hope, achievement, success, discipline, strength, service, teamwork, courage.

Independence, freedom, happiness, simplicity, curiosity, quality, power, diversity, health, growth, variety.

Respect, honesty, integrity, trust, loyalty, equality, family, humor, communication, open-mindedness, love, affection, friendship.

These all play into the person I am in life. I am attracted to individuals and like to surround myself with those who emulate characteristics similar to the ones I wrote out. 

I ask you to think about the qualities that you value. Surround yourself with those who see the same value in those characteristics. Time flies by faster than you think. Think about those individuals you want to be around and take steps to present around those people.


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