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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

The 2018 OPEN is here

The OPEN can be a fun and exciting time where you set measurable outcomes, but it can also come at a price if you lose sight of the big picture and only sign up with the sole purpose of competing.
We have seen some of the most level-headed people lose their minds as mental capacity throughout the 5-week indoctrination can acutely vanish all for a chance to compete in the following stage of the selection process. Our goal this year is to help ease you into competing and show you, while this may not be the year you crush the cheese in Wisconsin, the opportunity will still be there. 

2018 is a very exciting time if you are new to the sport and are just now thinking of competing in the future. In just two years we will lose both the contract with Madison and also with Reebok so what will happen next? 

From 2007 - 2009 CrossFit was a fun grassroots competition held on a ranch, near Santa Cruz and most of the crowd who gathered there that year had no idea of the growth that was coming. The following year the Games moved 333 miles south to Carson, Ca. 

The move and the growth of the sport attracted some big companies like Under Armor who were interested in forging a relationship. It was a surreal time, and I remember as Dave announced the start of the 2010 CrossFit Games with the legendary workout Amanda, and as jets flew over the stadium, I knew this sport was going to be huge. That year you could get as close as you wanted to the competitors, the soccer field was closed and the track was the site of some of the coolest workouts seen. 

Carson became a vacation spot for so many each year, and strangers from all over the country soon became family. As the years followed Carson was the site of some of the most epic workouts, from clean n jerk ladders to deadlift ladders, from legless rope climbs to pegboard to a muscle up biathlon, it was a site so many enjoyed. So many memories, in the Tennis Stadium with the lights shining on those who sacrificed so much just to feel the roar of the crowd as they completed what was thought impossible by conventional exercise literature. 

Long grueling rowing, followed by strength followed by gymnastics, it didn't matter it was all tested, and at the end of the weekend, the fittest was crowned. The toughest feeling was (is) always waking up Monday morning, with a hangover, feeling like a ballon of energy was deflated and you didn't know what to do next. All of your friends were on their way home, the competitors were gingerly walking through hotel lobbies and another year of the CrossFit Games came to an end. 

In 2017, the CrossFit Games moved to Madison Wisconsin and with that move,  fans now were able to watch the Games and then take over a small town. No longer was the Games ambiance just found in the Home Depot Center, it now flooded the streets, restaurants, and hotels. Madison businesses had no idea what was coming. As we searched for the right wine bar to host a wine release party we kept hearing the phrase, "we get big events here all the time." In just 3 hours after we released tickets, our wine release event was sold out, and in less than 3 days, restaurants were running out of food. 

Our community is loyal, it loves the sport, the affiliates love the athletes and the athletes return the love. This is the only sport you can participate next to a competitor and compare your times next to them. It is a synergistic relationship where CrossFit and the CrossFit Games thrive off each other so don't lose sight of that as you tackle the OPEN this year.  Compete and give your best so you know your baseline but understand that those who are willing to give up so much for a chance of wearing a jersey in the arena have done this at a high cost. 

Have you? 

This will be Margaux's 8th Open and in that time, she transformed her abilities from not understanding how to double under and not knowing how to ring muscle up to now making those her best movements. She struggles each day with shoulder aches as she snatches daily now, and hits strict hand stand push ups to no end. She cries, she is met with doubt, and she bleeds as her hands and arms toughen up more each rip she acquires. Her snatch pr of 187 is still far enough from the best and her 5k run slows down the more she focuses on strength. This sport is complex, it will beat you down emotionally as much if not more than it will physically so stay level-headed. 

Be proud of the work you put in this year, be proud of the sacrifices but also be honest. Did you outwork Margaux, did you outwork Chyna, did you outwork Tia? If an excuse or a but quickly pops into your head, understand you are not a competitor and let the OPEN guide you, allow it to set the baseline for the following year. Have fun, enjoy the journey and don't be an asshole that people want to avoid. Cheer on your teammates, judge as many people as you can, and drink some beers and wine with each other when the WOD is done. 

Each year the sport grows in size and following, and each year the workouts also become harder and the money invested grows. So here we are two years from another unkown. Will Nike bring a billion dollar offer, will Las Vegas, Miami, or Los Angeles be the next stop, we don't and won't know for quite some time. What we do know, however, is in just 4 days you have an opportunity of being an ambassador of this sport. Make us all proud. 

We are working on getting all the right lighting, audio, and video up and ready for the upcoming OPEN. Margaux will post her workouts live so follow her on IG @321GAUX for details of when and also so you can get the notifications on the live header. The workouts will then get archived on our Youtube channel click here  . We created the following video of Margaux fixing a wall to see if we have everything ready, all videos on youtube will be edited and as a disclaimer the ones we submit to CrossFit HQ will not be edited. Please comment if you have any questions or if you like what we are doing we really appreciate the support. 

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