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CrossFit Games Open 18.1 review - is it over for Tia, Margaux, Kristi

Currently, as I write this and if the scores stand, Tia-Clair Toomey is sitting 33rd in Australasia a region which takes 30 to Sydney on June 1st, 2018. Kristi Eramo is sitting 34th in the Central East, which takes only 20 to Nashville on May 25th.

 If we move Margaux Alvarez currently 13th in the SouthWest and Lauren Fisher 6th in Africa Middle East and place them to the West you will have Margaux and Lauren a region they are familiar with having to claw their way out of a 35th and 43rd respectively. 

So is it over for them and if they make it will they tank at Regionals? 

On September 7, 2017, the New England Patriots faced the Kansas City Chiefs to start off the 2017 season and they took a beating. Few commentators saw that coming and after that week many analysts felt it was trouble for the Patriots who gave up 47 points to the Chiefs. The weaker fans became nervous and the haters started tweeting it is the end of the Patriots. 

Never mind this is one of the most successful dynasties in the last two decades and the fact they had just won a Super Bowl a couple of months prior, the end had surfaced for Brady and Belichick. The defense was suspect, there was lack of production in the linebacker position, and Brady was too old but as usual, the Patriots found themselves in the SuperBowl that year facing their kryptonite in the NFC East. Despite the loss in Minnesota in 2018, the Patriots once again showed, a game is a game and season is 16 weeks of growth. Play the game, review the tape and move on to the next team, and as each week plays out you capitalize on the strengths but improve the weaknesses. 

So what is going on with the athlete's that are on the bubble as of now?

I don't know, but it could be as simple as Tia, Kristi, and Lauren having a redo. Maybe they did a redo and didn't value the equipment placing, or DB cycling. In the West Region a matter of a couple more calorie rows and 15 seconds of toes to bar moves you up to 11th, and Tia would move up to 10th while Kristi would feel a bit safer moving to 6th place. 

Regionals are 3 months away and the Games take place 3 months after that, so If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Tia still being the female to beat and Margaux, Lauren and Kristi punching another ticket back to the Games. The good news is there is a ton of competition and this sport is evolving which will continue to impress and awe the fans on the complexity of what is going on all while forcing the elite to continue to push the ceiling higher each year. 

Learn from your performance, assess, review and adjust and then move on to 18.2 

here is Margaux with some thoughts on today's training, 18.1 and her approach to the 18 season 

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