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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

Training for the CrossFit Games

How to train for the Games

The first thing we typically do when someone approaches us professing their desire to make the CrossFit Games is to try our best to persuade them against it. I wish we would have listened to this persuasion when we initiated our wine company but the fact that we were ambitious, determined and full attack ahead shows maybe, just maybe we have a chance to succeed. This is a common theme when pursuing difficult goals with high attrition, such as becoming a doctor, Navy Seal, CrossFit Games Athlete, or Wine Maker, it is a very long task so it takes a very dedicated and persistent mental state.

There is no reason to get into the psychology of the sport at this time. While we believe it is the most important part of the sport we are going to focus on the physiological aspect, but it is important to realize just how difficult this goal is and will be.

Before the changes to the 2019 Games, we knew the test of fitness was trying to find he or she who was fittest through each metabolic energy system throughout each modal domain. This was the rule for over a decade and the cause for debate among the internet warriors who believed the literature they studied in school was scripture and untouchable all while Dave Castro, continued to move the goal post of fitness each year to unimaginable feats.

What Dave Castro showed us, was just how much physical adaptation the human body was capable of. The legless rope climb, the pegboard, the heavy deadlift after a brutal run, handstand walks in the open etc. showed us all how unprepared we were going into the Games and how quickly we would adapt over a year. It was Dave a navy seal who graduated one of the most difficult courses who felt he was making a test that only a few people would survive and because of that the amount of training needed to get there became shocking and controversial.

What happened however over the years, was people realized they had no choice but to perform 45 muscle ups in under 7 minutes, 10 legless rope climbs in under 3 minutes, swim with sharks and walk 300 ft on your hands in under 2 minutes, and people trained as much as they could as often as they could.

So what should you be doing to train for the Games?

What is known is to perform with the best requires time consolidating each metabolic system to work cohesively allowing for optimal power and efficient recovery.

To train for the Games you will need to convince your body it needs to move mass as quick and as far as possible all while recovering to do it often.

To train for the games, you will need to run, row, swim, bike, jump rope, weightlift and perform gymnastics at a high level.

We structure our workout days as follow

Long Aerobic warm up

Time mobilizing at least 30 min

Gymnastic and Skill work


3 days traditional

2 days Power

Strength Component and complementary movements after Weightlifting

Squat 3x a week

Power Lift Goal is 4x a week

2-3 Metcons

Accessory work

On Monday swim as recovery, as well as a run

Runs 3 times a week

1 hill run, 1 interval, and 1 long steady run increasing volume each week

runs in metcons are not included

Reps in gymnastics our goals week prior to Games are

400 pull ups primarily chest to bar - 3x a week

300 toes to bar - 3x a week

150 ring muscle ups- 3 times a week

150 bar muscle ups - 3 times a week

ghd situp and hip extensions 3x a week

300ft hs walk 4x a week broken up into 300 for time, max distance intervals and in work outs

Strong man work such as farmers carry, bag carries and holds, yolk etc 2x a week

The above are goals and volume adaptation is important. Each week we count reps and increase reps as the body is able. It takes years to adapt to this obscene amount of volume, but if you are steady and show every day, just like a business grows in time with a steady plan so to will your physiological adaptation.

We will share how we will train the next 2 months on here if you are interested to learn, and we will blog our theory as often as we can. Im not sure if Margaux is going to the Games but this is the plan if she were.

Our goal is for the human body to excel in each metabolic system while also blending each system to work in cohesion whatever work capacity is required.

Day 1


1500m chill row into

20 sec all out 40 sec chill x 6 min

chill pace is subjective we consider this to be a 26k row pace basically

ie 2:08 for women on the row

45 min mobility

include in this time and not for time

2 legless rope climbs + 10 r hyper

rest as needed

21 strict hspu into 60ft hs walk rest 2 min 15 strict hspu into 60ft hs walk rest 1 min 9 s hspu into 60ft hs walk

rest as needed



full snatch - reps ahap all unbroken sets

2 power clean on the minute + 2 bmu x 10 min ahap

rest as needed

squat 5x5


12 BMU + 25 ghd sit ups + 24 chest to bar pull up + 25 ghd sit ups x 2 rounds

rest as needed


200m run max mu rest 1 min x 3


8 Bulgarian Split Squat each leg + 8 false grip pull ups + 30 ghd hip extensions + 1 min hs hold x 3 rounds NFT (not for time)