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The Vine Yard CrossFit blogs include topics such as health, wellness, fitness and wine

Our blogs include topics about health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, the winemaking process and CrossFit.

The Aerobic Warm-Up

The Aerobic Warm Up

Building on our key point from yesterday, the fittest individual is fittest through each metabolic system through all modal domains, we then utilize a warm-up which many people avoid to

1) Economize Training

2) Build Aerobic Capacity

Over the years I've seen a variety of warm-up methods from dynamic stretching, I-phone gauging, group circle gossip or talking, to using the first round of the work out as the warm-up and I continue to believe this is a perfect time to add some work to the oxidative pathway.

For a sport that requires adherence to a ton of genres of aerobic work from running, jump rope, swimming, bicycling, and rowing we tend to believe a good time to attack the aerobic system is in the warm-up.

Using a good running program we see weekly long steady runs are essential but we also see intervals, tempo runs, and hill runs utilized as well. Unfortunately for the Games hopeful, we are not sure what work will be prescribed at Sanctionals or the open so we have no choice to train all domains in a warm up by copying the running theories we have seen over time.

1) Jump Rope

2) Running

3) Rowing

4) Bicycling.

Our theory is over time we will increase volume helping the athlete endure longer and recover quicker through each domain. Just for the record, it is what we believe and I'm not saying it is the best it just makes a ton of sense to get the athlete's body ready for the work of the day all while investing daily aerobic capital.

We like to the use the same temp run premise in the warm-up which starts off on a nice distance conversational pace run. At the desired time frame we then go into bursts of all-out runs of 20 seconds into 40 seconds of conversational runs.

So initially looking at the skill level warm up 1 would look like so

500m row at chill pace/ conversational pace and into 3 rounds of 20 sec all out row into 40-sec conversational pace row.

The following week we add a round until we can complete 5 rounds and then we increase distance for example :

Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

500m row 500m row 750m row

4 rounds 5 rounds 3 rounds

Margaux last year worked up to a warm-up of 3k row 6 rounds of 20/40

Margaux won the row because she was aware to take off on 2k pace row and settle into 2:04 pace after 1k, later when she felt fatigued was able to sustain her conversational pace of 2:08 the rest of the way.

Another warm-up we love is building shoulder stamina via jump roping.

The double under is a buy-in of 100 for example and immediately after this is accomplished we will target 20 -30 du (depending on skill level) on the minute. In the remaining time left we ask the athlete to perform singles and repeat this process for 3 minutes.

Again we hold back on the volume and plan to increase it over time so using Margaux prior to the Games, she was doing 150 du with 6 minutes of 30 du into singles. 330 double-unders are then marked off the calendar and the athlete is warm and ready to hit days work already building his aerobic work.

We are creative with the concept 2 bike, the Echo Rogue bike, runs and even wallballs. The wallballs, however, tend to be more anaerobic but it does help get the reps in for the week.

Day 2 Games Prep


125 du into 30 du on the min x 5 minutes with singles in remaining time

45 min mobility

include 10 ghr + tic toc hold x 4 rounds in this time

rest as needed

1 min hs hold on parallette or max hold use wall if needed rest 1 min x 3

rest as needed


Snatch + H Snatch rest 1 min x 10

full clean + hang clean rest 1 min x 10

weighted glute bridges

weighted chin ups 6x3


20/15 cal assault bike + 10 burpee devil press + 10 box jump overs no box jump 30/24 rest 1:1 x 4

rest as needed


60 ft hs walk + 2 legless rope climbs + 10 deadlift 315/225 x 3 rounds


30 sec l sit hold + 15 evil wheels + 10 front rack side lunges x 3 rounds