The Vine Yard CrossFit


March 9th, 2018 OPEN PROGRAM

Warmup: 500m row

Roll out your calves, arches of feet, hamstrings, quads, back and shoulders for 10 minutes.

2 min puppy dog stretch
1 min dragon stretch each leg
1 min lizard stretch each leg
1 min single arm T stretch
1 min elevated lat stretch

Metcon: 18.3:
100 DU
20 OHS 115/80#
100 DU
12 Ring muscle-ups
100 DU
20 DB Snatch 50/35#
100 DU
12 Bar muscle ups

Tips for 18.3
- Make sure you do the mobility and roll out your calves, arches of feet and if you have a voodoo band, floss your ankles
- depending on how the movements are for you, break up the double unders into sets vs trying to go unbroken, there are a lot of these reps
- when doing the DB snatch, transfer/switch arms at the floor vs trying to make sure the DB is past your head/face - it will save you no reps and you'll keep a consistent pace with the DB snatch
- stay calm and collected on the double unders, smooth is fast, and remember to breath
- go for max reps on the first set of muscle ups to get through those quickly

Wishing you all the best and Gaux kick butt! margaux 18.3 is under video

1250m chill pace row

30 min mobility

mental prep

18.3 possibly 18.3a and 18.3 b

rest as needed

snatch amrap 185/135 1 min rest 1 min snatch amrap 205/145 rest 1 min snatch 1 min amrap 225/155 rest 1 min snatch 245/165 amrap 265/175 2 min

rest as needed

100 ft hs walk + 10 full cleans 225/155 rest 3 min x 2 then for distance max hs walk

anderson squat 10x2

rest as needed

400m run + 7 mu rest 2 min x 6

rest as needed

21 ring dips + 21 ohs 80/55 db + 15/15 + 9/9 for time

rest as needed


30 ghd hip extensions + 10 alternating pistols with kb + 8 russian dips x 4 rounds nft 

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